Precautions for the use of plastic pallets? How to extend the use of plastic pallets

The length of the service life of the plastic pallet mainly depends on the following points, and you should pay special attention to it during use.

Introduction to the precautions for the use of plastic pallets

1. During the use of plastic pallets, special care should be taken not to expose them to the sun, because exposure to sunlight can accelerate the aging progress of the plastic pallets, which will greatly shorten the service life of the pallets.

2. Strictly throw the plastic tray from the height to the bottom, so as to avoid damage to the plastic tray due to uneven landing force.

3. It is also not allowed to throw the goods from the high net plastic pallet, so as not to cause damage to it, resulting in cracks and broken.

4. Beijing plastic pallets remind that when using a mechanical forklift, the operation should be in place. The driver is required to have excellent driving skills and skilled operation, and the fork legs should be adjusted as wide as possible, so as to effectively improve the stability of the pallet after loading, and it is also beneficial to the forklift and pallet. The force is more uniform, thereby increasing the service life of the tray.

5. Plastic pallets should be used strictly in accordance with the standard load capacity, strictly overloaded and overloaded.

6. When you need to put on the shelf, you should choose the correct plastic pallet, and it is better to choose the special pallet for the shelf.

7. The tray with built-in steel pipe tray should pay attention to prevent the built-in steel pipe from rusting, which will affect the use and the service life of the tray.