Plastic pallet production process and process

With the development of my country's plastic pallet market, the technical production process and specific production process of plastic pallets have become the focus of attention of the industry.

Our commonly used trays are generally divided into two types: injection trays and blow molding trays. Here is a brief introduction to these two types of trays:

(1) Injection tray: It is made of low-pressure high-density polyethylene and is molded in one injection.

(2) Blow molding tray: It is produced by blow molding high molecular weight high density polyethylene in one time. The following is an introduction to the production process and process of the injection molding tray: Injection molding installs the following process flow for production:

a, mold closing b, injection c, pressure holding d, cooling e, mold opening f, take out the product


The injection molding machine can be divided into a clamping device and an injection device.

The mold clamping device is used to open and close the mold to perform the demoulding operation. There are the toggle method as shown, and the direct pressure method that directly opens and closes the mold by using a hydraulic cylinder. The injection device heats and melts the resin and then injects it into the mold. At this time, the screw should be rotated, and the resin put into the hopper will stay at the front end of the screw, and then injected after a stroke equivalent to the required amount of resin. When the resin flows in the mold, the moving speed of the screw is controlled and the pressure (holding pressure) is used after filling the resin. When a certain screw position or a certain injection pressure is reached, it switches from speed control to pressure control.

Injection mold:

A mold refers to a metal mold that is used to accept injection and injection of resin in order to make the material resin into a certain shape. The dissolved material enters the mold from the gate and then fills the mold cavity through the runner and the runner opening. Next, through the cooling process and the mold release plate on the mold release rod of the mold opening molding machine, the molded product is pushed out.

Product injection molding:

The molded product consists of a gate into which the molten resin flows, a runner into the die cavity, and a product portion. Since only one product can be made in one forming operation, the efficiency is not high. If several cavities can be connected by runners, several products can be formed at the same time. At this time, when the runner lengths of each die cavity are different, it is impossible to fill the resin at the same time, and most die cavities are different in size, appearance, and physical properties, so the runners are usually designed to be the same length.