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Thickened pp plastic packaging box fast food takeaway lunch box rectangular single grid two grid disposable lunch box factory direct supply

key word:

Disposable lunch box fast food box takeaway packaging box


Square lunch box

Disposable lunch box fast food box takeaway packaging box


brand Shuo Yuhao article number 0012 Origin Hebei Province
material plastic Packaging Quantity 300 Whether cross-border export of special supply sources no
Main downstream platforms AliExpress Main sales areas China style Chinese style
Is there a patent Yes Patent type Design patent Patent No CN305207629S
color Rectangular single grid, rectangular double grid Is the microwave available Yes Printing LOGO Can
Custom processing Can National Industrial Production License Number Ji xk16-204-01010 Gross weight 20.5 grams
Is it degradable no Specification 500ml transparent 300 sets/box, 650ml transparent 300 sets/box, 750ml transparent 300 sets/box, 1000ml transparent 300 sets/box pattern no pattern
category Disposable Box        

Reminder: The supply is sufficient and the quality is guaranteed. The offline large lunch box wholesalers in many cities across the country get the goods from our store. Buying from this store can save a lot of costs. Welcome all bosses to come to the factory for inspection and cooperation, and buy lunch boxes with good quality and cheap prices.

Why do so many customers take goods from our factory?

Good quality: new pp material thickened material, no leakage

High Specifications: Owned, Industrial Production License

High cost performance: Although the price is low, the quality and quantity are still guaranteed

Make the top lunch box! Samples available! Damaged factory compensation!

In order to receive as soon as possible, fast shipping, please buy as soon as possible!

Please inspect the goods before signing for receipt. If the product is damaged during inspection, please contact the seller in time or refuse to sign

[Special reminder] Before purchasing, please carefully confirm the model and size of the goods you need. If you are not sure, please contact customer service first.
【Product name】: Disposable lunch box fast food box takeaway packaging box

【Product Specifications】: See the picture below

[Product features]: thickened, watertight, can be microwaved, can be refrigerated

【product material】:

[Tolerance temperature]: +120℃/-20℃ (can be microwaved and frozen)

Lunch box comparison parameters

Black American high lid round box model

Product size (cm)


Round 700ml

Upper caliber 18* height 5.2* bottom 13.6cm

150 with cover

Round 900ml

Upper caliber 18* height 6.6* bottom 12.8cm

150 with cover


Upper caliber 18* height 9* bottom 13.2cm

150 with cover

Round 1500ml

Upper diameter 18* height 10.5* bottom 12.5cm

150 with cover

Round 1750ml

Upper caliber 18* height 11.6* bottom 12.8cm

150 with cover

Round 2000ml

Upper caliber 18* height 12.8* bottom 12.3cm

150 with cover


Lunch box comparison parameters

Black American square lunch box model

Product size (cm)


Rectangular 750ml

Length 22.1* width 15.1* height 4.8cm

150 with cover

Rectangular 1000ml

Length 22.1* width 15.1* height 6cm

150 with cover


Length 30.8* width 15.9* height 7.8cm

90 with cover

Square 750ml

Length 30.8* width 15.2* height 5.9cm

300 with cover

Square 1000ml

length 15.5* width 15.5* height 7.5cm

300 with cover

(Oval) Rectangle 650ml

Length 17.3*width12.6*height 5cm

300 with cover

(Oval) Rectangle 750ml

Length 17.3*width12.6*height 5.8cm

300 with cover

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