Care and maintenance of plastic pallets

Plastic pallet is a common logistics and transportation device, mainly used to facilitate the loading and unloading, transportation, storage and distribution of goods, which is a loading and unloading pad composed of a load surface and a forklift socket. Therefore, we want to extend the service life of plastic pallets during use. Be sure to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of plastic pallets at all times.

1. The plastic pallet should be placed lightly to avoid uneven force and damage when landing.

2. When placing the goods, they should be placed evenly to avoid side deflection during lifting and handling.

3. When using handling equipment, you should consider whether the size of the cargo difference is suitable for the use of this plastic pallet, so as to avoid the inappropriate size and damage to the plastic pallet.

Fourth, when putting on the shelf, it is necessary to use shelf-type plastic pallets, and the carrying capacity is determined according to the structure of the shelf, and overloading is strictly prohibited. The fork thorns should not hit the side of the pallet to avoid breaking and cracking of the pallet. The goods should be placed evenly, do not stack them in a concentrated manner, and stack them eccentrically. Reasonably determine how the goods are stacked in the pallet.

5. It is strictly forbidden to throw the goods into the plastic pallet from a height. Trays carrying heavy loads should be placed on a flat floor or surface.

6. After a period of use, the pallet may be damaged due to various reasons, and it should be repaired in time to maintain its service life. For combinable pallets, damaged parts should be replaced in time, such as the panels of plastic pallets. The whole pallet should be replaced in time. Now many plastic pallet manufacturers promise to replace three bad pallets with a new one.