Do this when taking out packaging, and the number of orders soars!

Zhang Sanjia and Li Sijia are both doing fast food takeaways. The products and dishes are roughly the same, and even the takeaway packaging boxes are the same. Then, when the competition in the takeaway market is fierce, why would they let consumers only order their own?

According to the "Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Food Safety in Online Catering Services" issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, it is stipulated that safe and harmless delivery containers should be used during the delivery process to ensure that the food is not contaminated during the delivery process. When distributing food with special requirements such as preservation, heat preservation, refrigeration or freezing, it is necessary to take preservation and distribution measures that can ensure food safety.

Different foods require different tools and methods when consuming them. The restaurant may wish to start from the food itself, fully consider the dining scene, and start from the details to solve the troubles and embarrassment for customers during meals.