Don't underestimate the takeaway box, the increase in negative reviews and the backward ranking may be because of it!

The quality and freshness of dishes play an important role in repurchase retention. Both of them are to achieve the purpose of customer retention by improving the customer's consumption experience. When it comes to the customer's consumption experience, we have to mention a factor that is often overlooked by stores but that customers pay special attention to - packaging.

In the evaluation system of the Ele.me platform, the packaging score is a separate indicator. This is because the quality of packaging is directly related to the degree of heat loss, quality and flavor preservation of the product during distribution. However, we found that in order to reduce costs, many takeaway shops use packaging of average quality. This leads to the fact that in the delivery process, even if the delivery personnel try their best to be careful, spilled soup, packaging deformation, etc. still occur from time to time, which not only affects the customer's consumption experience, reduces the possibility of their repurchase, but also brings problems to the store. Evaluation, affecting the ranking of the store.

Most takeaway shops now use transparent or solid-color plastic packaging boxes. Although this kind of packing box can hold food, it has almost no effect in protecting dishes, maintaining temperature and improving appearance. High-quality take-out product packaging can often bring the following three benefits to the store: (1) Improve the appearance of the dishes As part of the dishes, high-quality packaging can decorate the appearance of the dishes, leaving a good first impression on customers, and ultimately Improve customer experience. (2) Guarantee the quality of the dishes, so that the dishes are less spilled during the delivery process, and the temperature and taste of the dishes can be maintained. (3) Establish a brand image with exquisite packaging, which is more likely to reflect the store's serious attitude and overall style towards customers, especially the use of environmentally friendly materials that are now advocated, which can fully demonstrate the store's social responsibility while making customers more at ease. Establish a brand image in takeaway stores and increase brand influence. Basic requirements of high-quality packaging The above three benefits can effectively increase the possibility of customers repurchasing and keep your business flowing. So, what kind of packaging is considered a high-quality takeaway packaging? We summarize the following four points to share with you. (1) Selecting disposable lunch box manufacturers that meet food safety requirements must operate with integrity and have no bad records. The production enterprise shall provide a copy of the business license and production license with the red official seal. The logo on the disposable lunch box should be clear and clear, and the content of the logo should include the material, whether it can be microwaved, food contact materials, production license, etc. Manufacturers are required to provide recent third-party inspection reports on the quality and safety of disposable lunch boxes. The production enterprise accepts the sampling inspection of the lunch box by the relevant departments, and the sampling inspection results are qualified. (2) Preventing spillage of dishes In view of the characteristics of takeaway products, we must consider the problem of spillage of dishes when designing product packaging. If the packaging is inhuman or the quality is too poor, causing users to scatter them when they operate, it will definitely make users’ impression of our products greatly reduced, and it will be difficult for them to consume again.

After the takeaway is delivered to the user, the user will make a final evaluation of Lapin based on the packaging and taste of the product. Spilled dishes often directly affect the user's dining mood, which is an important reason why many users are reluctant to try takeout soup. (3) One of the differences between food delivery and dine-in is that the food may become cold when it is delivered to the user. For example, separate take-out packaging for meals will increase the surface area, so heat dissipation will also be accelerated, so it is necessary to add a girdle seal or use a kraft paper packaging bag to keep warm. (4) Packaging with certain publicity functions is not only the "coat" of the dishes, but also a business card of the store. From this point of view, the packaging should have a certain publicity function, which can also make the brand image of the store deeply rooted in the hearts of the customers while they are eating.

The main customer groups for takeaway consumption are young people. Although most of them pursue personalized expressions, they generally have a favorable impression of interesting things. Therefore, you can print some interesting text and patterns on the packaging to attract the attention of young customers, enhance the image of the dishes and the store in their minds, and then achieve repeat purchases and retention. Auspicious wontons are printed with a cute pig nose pattern on the takeaway packaging, which is both eye-catching and playful. It is such a small embellishment that makes the original bland white packaging show the unique brand tonality of Lucky Wonton. This simple and fun pattern can easily penetrate the minds of customers. When he sees a similar pattern again, he will quickly think of the takeaway dishes of auspicious wontons, thereby increasing his willingness to repurchase.